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4 Ways to Prevent Dry Skin This Fall

As summer comes to an end, it’s time to start preparing for the possibility of colder weather on the horizon. Unfortunately, cold weather often means dry skin. If you want to learn how to prevent dry skin this fall, here are some tips to help you out.

Shorten Your Showers

A long, hot shower can feel extra nice when the weather is crisp and cool. Unfortunately, your skin doesn’t quite feel the same way about that hot water. Super hot and extra long showers can actually dry out your skin. Hot water strips your skin of its natural oils and lubricants, which means you’re more prone to dry skin rashes or eczema outbreaks. The hot water is preventing your skin from holding the vital hydration it needs to stay soft and smooth. This doesn’t mean you have to take cold showers all autumn long. Just cool the water a little bit and consider a few ways you can shorten up your showering time. Using a dry shampoo instead of washing your hair everyday is a good place to start. Not only will it shorten your shower time, but it will not strip your scalp of essential oils like regular shampoo will.

Use a Moisturizer Formulated for Dry Skin

During the summer, the warm air holds more moisture, which helps the skin feel less dry. With colder weather on the horizon, your summer body lotion might not make the cut. Using an oil-based lotion can help your skin retain more moisture in the cold weather and prevent that dry skin from occurring. Consider looking for moisturizers specifically formulated to prevent dry skin. If you’re really suffering, consider using an over-the-counter eczema cream to help with your dry skin. These thick moisturizers help seal moisturizing ingredients into moisture-starved skin, which can help promote softness and long-term moisture.

Steer Clear of Drugstore Makeup Remover Wipes

The makeup remover wipes you purchase at your local pharmacy might be convenient, but they’re certainly not doing your skin any favors. In fact, some of these wipes contain alcohol and sulphates — two ingredients that can seriously dry out your skin. Instead of using these wipes, consider speaking to your dermatologist about makeup removal methods that actually help moisturize your skin. Certain oils and even creams may be able to offer better makeup removal than wipes while protecting your skin.

Keep a Humidifier Close By

The outdoor air isn’t the only air getting colder. The air indoors can be just as harsh on your skin. In fact, forced-air heating systems can contribute a pretty decent amount to drier air and drier skin. Investing in a humidifier for your home can be an excellent way to add moisture back into the air. When there’s more moisture in the air, your skin will more easily retain moisture. It’s an especially good idea to keep your humidifier running at night while you sleep. That offers your skin several consistent hours of moisturizing without having to think about it.

It’s not always fun to think about summer coming to an end and dry skin creeping up on you, but these tips should help you achieve the skin you desire. If you want to learn more about dry skin remedies and care, set up an appointment with SE Dermatology Specialists today.

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