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Best Facials for Busy People

What to Know About Facials When Busy

Balancing Life and Skincare

It can be difficult to find a moment to make an extra effort on top of our normal skincare routine, which has been streamlined into our already packed schedule. Work, family, friends, chores, errands, and workouts, not to mention finding a moment to relax, can fill up our days, leaving little wiggle room for deep cleansing. Admittedly, time is scarce in this modern world, and irritants are abundant: dirt, pollution, sun damage, certain kinds of foods, and chemicals that can dry out or clog our skin and result in wrinkles, acne, or age spots.

Maintaining our skin often affects other parts of our well-being. The way we look and feel affects our relationships and motivation from day to day, so making sure your skin is at its healthiest is a way to reduce your own stress. Those who get regular facials to help deep-clean their pores and even their skin tone know how much of a difference a professional refresher can make. Some facials take less time than others, and if you see them as an investment in stress relief and self-care, you might just be able to justify squeezing in one of the following types of “lunchtime” facials that have low recovery time but can help maintain your skin in healthy, radiant condition.

Brightening Facial

A brightening facial can be formulated to deliver nutrients or do something about dry skin based on your goals for the facial. Do you want a vitamin treatment to rejuvenate your skin or a moisturizer to add volume and elasticity? This treatment doesn’t have to be any more than a refresher, and you can often leave without any redness. If any does occur from exfoliation or massage, it should calm down within hours.

Steam Treatment

Your dermatologist can perform a steam treatment that isn’t invasive and will have little to no “downtime” following the facial. After cleansing your skin twice over, a steam instrument is used to moisten your skin, relax your pores, and help bring to the surface any debris in your pores. This cleansing facial can leave you refreshed without spending too much time.


This exfoliation treatment is a favorite for busy people due to its low invasiveness and quick recovery time of just a couple of hours. Your dermatologist uses a specialized tool, which acts like a very small power buffer, to polish the top layers of dead cells and buildup across your face. Microdermabrasion is great for reducing pigmentation, helping minimize scars, and stimulating growth of new cells.

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel facial treatment sounds like it will be intense, but your dermatologist can formulate the solution to be as gentle as a home treatment, but with professional results. Exfoliation is essential to clearing the skin of buildup, and when outer layers of dead skin are removed, a natural glow can radiate from the younger skin now on display. Even though this option has a recovery time of a few hours to a day, it can be performed in advance of an event or on a weekend.

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