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Best Skin Products for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

How to Care for Your Skin when Pregnant and Breastfeeding

Planning for Skincare While Pregnant

Pregnancy brings a host of changes and challenges, in addition to joy, and your skincare routine is one of the many aspects of life that will probably need to be adjusted. When you find out about your new baby, talk to your doctor and dermatologist from the beginning (and along the way) about how to cope with the potential skin conditions that you might deal with like acne, stretch marks, dry skin, or extra oil production. Being proactive and preparing for the period of body change is the best way to manage changes during and following pregnancy.


When a woman is pregnant, her body is flooded with hormones that support the growth of the baby. Unfortunately, this can also send the body into overdrive when it comes to oil production. Excessive sweating can also happen when the body is working extra hard. Pregnancy is very physically stressful, so keeping your skin clean will be an important way to manage acne outbreaks.

Cravings are another fact of pregnant life, which can contribute to increased oil production if you’re indulging in too many carbs and sweets. Balancing these with fruits, vegetables, and any approved dietary supplements that might be recommended by your doctor or dermatologist will help keep your blood glucose levels lower while also providing your baby with vitamin- and mineral-rich foods needed to develop. Drinking lots of water will help move nutrients throughout your body and flush toxins that might otherwise build up in your skin. We’re around 60% water, so staying hydrated during pregnancy is essential.


Keeping your body moisturized while pregnant is important to keep the skin hydrated and full of considerable volume, since weight gain and stretching are inevitable. Using products that maintain moisture and encourage collagen production can help diminish the development of stretch marks, which result from scarring when the skin is stretched faster than it can repair itself.

Moisturizing is also important to pay attention to after you’ve given birth while breastfeeding. In addition to enlargement and potential stretch marks from milk production, the baby’s saliva will dry out the skin in the nipple area. Saliva produces enzymes that break down food, and so it can chap your skin without proper moisture. Since your baby’s mouth will come in contact with the moisturizer, look for all-natural ingredient products, since their new bodies aren’t able to process stronger products the way our adult bodies can.


Throughout the pregnancy, maintaining good exfoliation across your entire body will be important, since that will help keep your pores clear of that extra buildup from sweat and oil, as well as dirt and dead skin cells. Good exfoliation will also help keep the development of stretch marks and potential acne scars (and wrinkles in general) under control, since it helps remove tough skin and encourages a smooth surface texture. Since your body is in overdrive, shedding might increase, so using a gentle formula exfoliant or a natural sponge or loofah will help keep your skin clear and let your glow radiate.

Your Health Is a Priority During Pregnancy

Your health and well-being are important for the development of your baby, so having an effective skincare routine can give you some peace of mind about your appearance and your skin’s health when your body is under a lot of stress. Keep the conversation going throughout your pregnancy so your doctor and dermatologist can advise you as problems arise. If you’re worried about your skincare routine during pregnancy, schedule a consultation today with one of our dermatologists.

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