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Cocktail Party Coming Up? How To Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Have a big event coming up, but still need to remove some unwanted body hair? You’re not alone. Here are some treatment options to consider if you need to remove unwanted body hair.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Invest in Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to getting ready for your next big event, laser hair removal can be an excellent option for removing unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal is most commonly used on the legs and underarms, but it can be used on the face, neck, bikini line, and other areas too. When you think about it, shaving every day is not only tedious, it can leave a rash on legs, arms, or underarms that makes you want to hide away. Given the choice between a few different types of rashes, a little razor burn might not seem like the worst thing in the world. But when you consider that your razor can pick up all kinds of bacteria in your shower, it’s time to find a better hair removal option. Fortunately, you can find a safe, sanitary, and most importantly, speedy solution with laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal causes minimal skin irritation and can help reduce the rate of hair regrowth in just one session. And while the average patient typically needs about five treatments to see optimal hair loss results, it’s likely that you’ll feel more confident after just one.

Consider Dermaplaning Treatments

If you want a silky smooth surface to apply your makeup on for your big night, dermaplaning is an excellent option to consider. This non-invasive treatment involves the use of a surgical-grade blade that your dermatologist will use to scrape away dead skin cells and fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) from your face and jawline. When you need to get that natural glow going for a big event, dermaplaning is a go-to solution. Not only does this treatment remove unwanted hair on your face to reveal your natural glow, but it also offers an excellent form of exfoliation that can help your skincare products achieve better penetration. In addition, this treatment can help stimulate new cell growth, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and minimize acne scarring on the skin. When you want to look your absolute best at an event, this hair removal method for your face is safe, efficient, and most importantly, capable of achieving excellent results.

Look Into Electrolysis Therapies

Electrolysis is another form of hair removal that involves using an electric current to destroy the hair follicle and prevent further hair growth. This method of hair removal is similar to laser hair removal in that it uses a chemical reaction or heat to damage hair follicles, but it’s not quite as efficient as laser hair removal. This treatment involves the use of a tiny needle charged with an electric current that is placed into each individual hair follicle. Since this procedure involves treating every hair follicle with such precision, it’s not designed to treat large swaths of unwanted hair. Instead, this treatment is an excellent option if you need a few unwieldy hairs on your brows, cheeks, or chin removed before a big event. The smaller the area you’re working with, the better this treatment will be. Fortunately, you can get electrolysis on any part of the body, but you do need to be prepared for longer treatment sessions if you want a larger area treated.

Getting ready for a big event can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. If you have unwanted hair that you need removed before a big event, set up a consultation with a member of our team at SE Dermatology Specialists today.

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