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Fake a Healthy Glow with These Three Self-Tanning Tips

Summer is here, which means it’s time to go out and get that healthy glow you’ve been longing for. But how can you get a healthy summer glow without risking damage to your skin? Here are a few expert tips to help you fake a healthy glow this season.

Learn How to Apply Self-Tanning Cream

In most cases, when you want to get that glowy summer tan without sitting outside in the sun for hours, you’ll invest in a self-tanning cream. But do you know how to properly apply it? While the formula of the tanning cream does matter, your application technique is just as important. First, make sure you exfoliate well ahead of your application. This can make or break how smoothly your product applies! In addition, make sure your skin is completely dry before you begin. Otherwise you may get a streaky look, and nobody wants that. One of the best tools you can have in your kit is a pair of soft application gloves. This will not only help you protect your hands, but it will also help you achieve a smooth, streak-free application. And above all else, don’t choose a shade that’s too dark! One of the best things about self-tanning cream is that you can build up your preferred level of color. Choose a shade that’s close to your natural skin tone and apply on a regular basis to refresh and deepen your glow.

Mix Highlighter Serum with Foundation

Your summer foundation might be one or two shades darker than your winter foundation, but that alone can’t get your skin to exude that glowing look. If you want a truly glowy look, consider mixing a few drops of highlighting serum with your favorite summer foundation. It’s important that you don’t mix these two things directly in the foundation bottle. Use the back of your hand or a glass palette to mix the two together. Start with one or two drops of highlighting serum and then apply a little bit of the mixture to your skin. If it’s not glowy enough, add a little more foundation and a few more drops of highlighting serum. Repeat this process until you have the perfect level of glowiness for your day out on the town.

Invest in Cosmetic Dermatology Services

The purpose of cosmetic dermatology treatments like dermaplaning, chemical peels, or facials is to enhance the natural qualities of your skin. While these treatments may not make you tan, they can help enhance the natural glow of your skin, which will make you seem more radiant than ever without even the slightest tan. If you’re looking for a simple, in-and-out kind of treatment, dermaplaning may be a great option for you. During this treatment, your dermatologist will use a sharp razor to scrape off dead skin cells and fine vellus hairs on your face and jawline. By removing dead skin cells and fine facial hairs, dermaplaning can brighten your skin right up. The peach fuzz that it removes often dulls the appearance of your skin. Without it, you can get a natural glowy look that will prime your skin for the perfect makeup application.

If you want help determining the best way to fake a healthy glow or you’re ready to invest in some cosmetic dermatology services, set up your consultation with SE Dermatology Specialists today.

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