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Happy Father’s Day: Give Your Favorite Man the Gift of Great Skin

Father’s Day Skin Treatment Gifts

Whether you’re looking for a gift for dad or for your husband, there’s nothing better than giving the gift of great skin. Here are a few reasons to invest in the gift of skincare for your favorite man this Father’s Day.

Men Typically Have Oilier Skin

As a result of higher levels of testosterone, men naturally produce more oil on their skin than women do. While it means men are less prone to suffering from dry skin on their face, it also means they may be more prone to blocked pores, oil buildup, and acne. Investing in a great acne skin care regimen for the man in your life could help them build their confidence and clear up their skin in no time. It also may be a good idea to invest in a cleansing facial for your favorite man. Even better, set up an appointment with a dermatologist to talk about proper skin cleansing techniques for male skin.

Smoother Shaves

For many men out there, shaving is a daily part of life. Unfortunately, that means that skin rashes, irritation, and ingrown hairs are also a daily part of life. And nobody wants to walk around all day with irritated skin! One of the biggest benefits of investing in your favorite man’s skin health is that he’ll get a smoother shave with less irritation. When the skin is properly cleansed, exfoliated, and hydrated, it’s less prone to irritation from a razor. There’s also less of a chance of razor burn after shaving. But it never hurts to invest in a great shaving cream, either. If you’re looking for shaving cream recommendations that won’t irritate skin, talk to your dermatologist for suggestions.

Learning Better Skin Care

If there’s one thing men typically aren’t taught about when they’re growing up, it’s taking care of their skin. Fortunately for the men in your life, you understand the importance of taking proper care of your skin and want to spread that knowledge far and wide. Learning how to take the best care of your skin is an important part of staying healthy and preventing diseases like skin cancer. When you invest in a cosmetic dermatology service or skin product/tool for the man in your life, you’re providing them with the opportunity to learn more about how important it is to care for skin. What’s more, you’re teaching them exactly how to do so. That one cleansing facial or skin care product just might be the turning point your man needed to learn more about caring for his skin.

An Opportunity to Relax

This is especially relevant if you’re investing in a cosmetic dermatology service or a spa day for your favorite man. Whether you buy him a wrinkle reducing facial or a deep cleansing treatment from his dermatologist, this is an opportunity for your man to sit back, relax, and not worry about all of the things he needs to do. After all, the purpose of a Father’s Day gift is to show your appreciation and cut the father figures in your life a little bit of slack!

Giving the gift of skincare to the men in your life is a great gesture! If they’re ready to take their skincare to the next level, set up a consultation with SE Dermatology Specialists today.

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