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How to Get Clear Skin This Fall

When cooler months approach, our whole routines shift with the temperatures. Changes in the environment outdoors, as well as spending more time indoors, bring changes in what we’re exposed to throughout the day. This can affect our skin, so being aware of the risks of the season will help you remain prepared to make the most of the last part of the year.

Fall Irritants

Like in spring, allergies will run wild in the fall. As a transitional season, some plants are pollinating, some are going dormant, and others are dying. This throws all sorts of material in the air, from spores to molds. Our bodies’ immune systems might react to these irritants, which can result in allergic reactions like watery eyes, congestion, or hives. It can be frustrating not to be able to be outside very much, but we can find relief from those irritants indoors. However, once we’re inside more frequently with the windows closed and the heat on, there are other challenges to maintaining our skin in top condition.

Indoor Months

When we start spending more time inside, there are a host of ways our skin can become dry and lead to other problems like dullness, lines, or wrinkles. When the windows are closed and less fresh air circulates, dust can build up; if you have pets, animal dander may be in the mix. It’s important to dust and vacuum regularly to remove as much as possible, because dust mites are another potential allergen that thrives in dusty areas. Make sure to keep areas dry and aired out so that molds and mildews, other airborne irritants, don’t develop and potentially irritate the respiratory system or complicate asthma.

Even though temperatures outside are colder, the indoor temperatures will be kept up. Turning up the heat and bathing with hot water can dry out the skin very easily. Make sure to keep water temperatures at lukewarm levels to avoid burning yourself or drying out your skin. Just as with washing your face, following a bath or shower with moisturizer is helpful to hold in hydration over your whole body.

Socializing and Skincare

Autumnal holidays are some of the more important gathering times of the year, and we both want to look our best and enjoy ourselves the most. We may indulge in candy, cakes, feasts, and drinks of all kinds, which can wreak havoc on our skin if we’re not prepared. Make sure you’re eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and diverse protein sources with plenty of water to reduce the chances of acne turning up at the wrong time. Keeping your blood sugar levels down and balanced will help your skin stay clear.

Visiting your dermatologist towards the end of summer is an important way to examine where your skin stands after two seasons spent outside. You can get a facial, a chemical peel, and a skin cancer screening to start off your holiday season worry free and refreshed. Schedule an appointment with one of our dermatologists today!

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