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Is There Help for Thinning Lips?

As you get older, you’ll start to lose fat in the skin around your face and produce less collagen. Unfortunately, this can mean that your lips start to get thinner. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get your lip volume back. Here’s what you need to know.

Topical Solutions

If you’re not a fan of lip injections, then there are still options to consider for plumping your lips back up. While over-the-counter options may provide some results, it’s always best to consult with your dermatologist and devise a treatment program with them. If you’re looking for a topical solution, it may be worth looking into a product that has retinol in it. Retinol is traditionally used to help smooth wrinkles and may help plump up your lips. In addition, you should seek out products with ingredients like peptides, ceramides, stem cells, and antioxidants in them to help enhance the appearance of your lips. If you’re not looking for a prescription-level treatment for your lips, it’s also possible to invest in cosmetic products that can help plump up your lips. These can often come in the form of lip balms and glosses that can be applied before your lip color of choice.


If there’s a wrinkle problem you need fixed, Botox is typically one of the first treatments that comes to mind. While this isn’t the same as investing in lip fillers, Botox can still work wonders when it comes to restoring the youthful appearance of your face and lips. Botox injections can smooth lines in and around the lips, lift the corners of your mouth, and treat the vertical lines around your mouth that are sometimes referred to as “smoker’s lines.” All that being said, it’s important to take great care when using Botox around the mouth. Truth be told, only incredibly experienced doctors and dermatologists should apply Botox in this area. If applied incorrectly or too quickly, Botox may change the appearance of your smile and lead to side effects like slurred speech and numbness in the mouth area.

Lip Fillers

Fortunately, lip injections don’t stop at Botox. In fact, there are plenty of lip fillers out there that can help plump up your lips and give your mouth a more youthful appearance. Most lip fillers use hyaluronic acid as a primary ingredient due to the nature of the substance. One of the most popular options for plumping lips up is Restylane lip filler. This product provides excellent results that can last for six months or more. Another popular option many people consider for thinning lips is Juvederm lip augmentation. While both of these lip injections function in largely the same way, different brands may affect each individual in a unique way depending on how they react to the treatment. It is important to note that neither of these filler treatments are permanent, though. If you want to maintain your plump lips, you may have to invest in these treatments two to three times annually.

If treating your thinning lips is something that matters to you, there are plenty of options available. If you have questions about how to plump your lips back up, set up your consultation with SE Dermatology Specialists today.

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