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Which Is Better: Botox or Dermal Fillers?

Do you want to face the world with a more youthful appearance?

For most people, signs of aging begin around the age of 25. Barely noticeable facial lines eventually turn into wrinkles, and the face begins to look more drawn as collagen and elastin break down.

When this happens, you may want to take action. Read on to learn how to choose between Botox and dermal fillers for wrinkle reduction.

Botox vs. Dermal Fillers


Trusted dermatologists commonly use Botox during cosmetic services. This injectable solution reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Fascinatingly, it comes from the botulism toxin. Because it causes facial paralysis, small amounts in a controlled injection relax the facial muscles around the injection site.

As the muscles relax, the wrinkles disappear! This makes Botox incredibly popular.

Pros and Cons

Botox erases forehead creases, crow’s feet, and neck bands. It also lifts the corners of the mouth and softens the jawline for grinders and clenchers.

This treatment only requires a quick office visit with no need for sedation. You can literally go on your lunch break and then get back to work! It effectively reduces facial lines within days of your treatment.

Some people do not like the idea of putting a toxin in their body, even in a controlled setting. Others may not like the idea of needing it done two to three times each year.

The minor discomfort and bruising go away quickly. Sometimes, the potency of the treatment gives people a surprised look for a short time as the muscles retract.

The Dysport Alternative

Dysport offers a comparable alternative to Botox. This solution contains the botulism toxin as well and works in a similar manner.

The difference is that it is much more diluted and spreads more quickly. This reduces some of the unwanted side effects and works more evenly.

Juvederm Dermal Fillers

If you’d rather steer clear of the botulism injections, consider Juvederm dermal fillers. These work a little differently to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while also plumping up the face.

Rather than relax the muscles, dermal fillers fill in areas where the collagen and elastin stores declined. By adding volume to the face, the solution flattens out your skin, giving it a younger, smoother look.

Pros and Cons

Juvederm offers immediate results. It truly delivers a nearly flawless appearance.

The Juvederm solution uses synthetic hyaluronic acid rather than a toxin. On the flip side, dermal fillers tend to cause a higher percentage of allergic reactions than Botox or Dysport. Still, most people do not react poorly to it.

Like with Botox, you may experience minor bruising and discomfort at the injection site. However, these last for years rather than months.

The major downside of dermal fillers only happens when people abuse them by filling too often. This can cause tissue damage. But, when used responsibly, Juvederm creates a youthful look that lasts.

Schedule Your Cosmetic Services

Should you get Botox, Dysport, or Juvederm? All provide unique benefits. Decide what you feel comfortable with, how long you need it to last, and what you can afford at the moment.

We care about your skin’s health and appearance and want to revitalize your look. Schedule your appointment today!

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