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Winter Skin Care: Caring for Chapped or Dry Skin in Cold Weather

Winter is one of the harshest seasons for skin. If you’re suffering from chapped, dry skin this winter, here are a few skin care tips to help you out.

Skip the Super Long Showers

On a cold winter morning, almost nothing feels better than a steaming hot shower. Unfortunately, your skin doesn’t quite feel the same way. Super hot and extra long showers can actually dry out the skin even more, which may cause discomfort and a dry skin rash. As nice as the hot water might feel, it’s robbing your skin of the vital hydration it needs to stay soft and smooth. If you need a hot shower, that’s fine. Just try to set a time limit and keep the temperature reasonable! Your skin will definitely thank you in the long run.

Use a Heavier Moisturizer

During the summer, it feels like all you need is a single drop of lotion to moisturize your whole body. Winter is another story. The thin moisturizer you use during the rest of the year just might not cut it when it comes to the cold, harsh winter temperatures. If you’re really suffering, consider using an over-the-counter eczema cream to help with your dry skin. These thick moisturizers help seal moisturizing ingredients into dry or cracked skin, which can help promote longer term healing.

Slather on That Sunscreen

It’s easy to associate sunscreen application solely with summer, but the truth is that sunscreen is important year-round. In fact, winter sun combined with snow glare might even put your skin at a higher risk for sun damage. Make sure you’re using SPF 15 to 30 sunscreen on your face and hands, especially when you’re outside for long periods of time during the winter.

Invest in a Humidifier

Just as the air outside gets harsh and dry in the winter, so too does the air inside. Forced-air heating systems can contribute to drier air and drier skin. To help ease some of the discomfort there, running a humidifier is an excellent option to consider in addition to adjusting the rest of your skin care routine. With more moisture in the air, your skin won’t dry out as easily.

Take Care of Your Hands

The skin on your hands is thinner and more delicate than on other parts of your body. This makes it doubly important to take good care of your hands during the winter. That means if you do your dishes by hand, wear rubber gloves. Going outside? Make sure you wear warm gloves or mittens. In addition, you should make sure that your hands are moisturized multiple times a day with the same thick moisturizer you’re using on the rest of your body. This can help prevent itching, cracking, and dry skin.

Dealing with dry skin during the winter can be a chore, but these tips should help you mitigate some of your dry skin woes. If you want to learn more about dry skin remedies and care, set up an appointment with SE Dermatology Specialists today.


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